FFP-6220 - 6v 220Ah Flooded Flat Plate Monobloc Battery

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Product Overview


6V Flooded Flat Plate, deep-cycle Monobloc battery, ideal for use in forklifts, industrial floor cleaners and much more. Requires occasional maintenance to ensure maximum performance – from Leoch’s Powabloc FFP series



• Capacity ratings: 260Ah (100hr), 220Ah (20hr), 209Ah (10hr), 175Ah (5hr)

• Flooded Flat Plate technology

• Serviceable

• True deep-cycle and deep-discharge capabilities

• Robust outer shell + handle for easy transportation  

• 12-month warranty


Range Information

The Flooded Flat Plate (FFP) series is a collection of flooded serviceable heavy-duty 6 & 8 volt Monobloc batteries manufactured by Leoch, one of the largest multi-range battery manufacturers in the world. Power capabilities range from 170Ah to 260Ah and the FFP batteries are ideal for light/moderate use in heavy-duty applications.

The FFPs are part of a wider Powabloc series, which features flooded, AGM & Gel batteries to suit a variety of applications & usage patterns.


Technology Low-Down

The Powabloc FFP series features a range of flooded lead-acid batteries, designed specifically for traction and cyclic applications. The batteries within this range are Monoblocs, so-called due to their internal construction of 2V ‘blocs’ which are wired in a series. Monoblocs are ideally suited for deep cycling, and the batteries in the FFP series are more resilient to greater depths of discharge than their regular flooded counterparts.

Flooded serviceable batteries are unsealed and therefore require occasional maintenance to replace lost water & ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Spec Sheet

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Additional Information

Voltage 6v
Ah 225Ah (C20), 185Ah (C5)
Weight 29kg
Length 260mm
Width 180mm
Height 248mm
Total Height 288mm
Terminal Layout Type 1
Terminal Type AWP


(No reviews yet) Write a Review