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The Flooded Flat Plate (DT) series is a collection of flooded serviceable heavy-duty 6 & 8 volt batteries, ideal for use in marine, solar and renewables, golf carts and much more. With power capabilities that range from 170Ah to 260Ah and the DT batteries are ideal for light/moderate use in heavy-duty applications. Engineered using enhanced SiO2-PVC Nano Grade separators and advanced TTP welding techniques, technology, and flat plate design, they cover any requirement of motive and in general deep cycle applications and offer more than 600 cycles at 80% DoD.


Features and Benefits:  

  • Wide model range offering from 6V up to 12V blocks
  • More than 600 Cycles at 80% DoD
  • Designed and optimized for cyclic intensive and PSoC motive applications
  • Proprietary design refilling plugs with special construction, minimizing water loss
  • Enhanced SiO2-PVC Nano Grade separators and advanced TTP welding technology for maximum performance and durability
  • Robust PP casing and  handle for easy transportation and high vibration resistance.
  • Capacity ratings: up to 260Ah (20hr) 
  • Flooded Flat Plate technolog
  • True deep-cycle and deep-discharge capabilities

Flooded serviceable batteries are unsealed and therefore require occasional maintenance to replace lost water & ensure maximum performance and longevity.


Spec Sheet


Voltage 6v
Ah 225Ah (C20), 185Ah (C5)
Weight 27.5kg
Length 260mm
Width 180mm
Height 248mm
Total Height 288mm
Terminal Layout DT-M8
Terminal Type AWP