LPC12-20 - Deep Cycle AGM Battery

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 Leoch Premium Deep Cycle batteries, LPC Series, are AGM Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries that have been optimized for cycling applications, such as medical equipment, lighting, security, motive, forklift or other deep cycle applications requiring extensive cycling from the batteries. Engineered for deep cycle applications LPC Series offer more than 600 cycles at 50% DoD.

Features and Benefits:

  • Model range from 3.5AH up to 200AH
  • 600 Cycles at 50% DoD
  • Designed and optimized for cyclic intensive applications LPC series offer high resilience for deep discharge recovery
  • Unique anti-explosion one-way vent valve design to minimize water loss and increase safety
  • Thick plates using a special pasting formula ensures long service life
  • ABS case UL94-HB (UL94-V0 Optional) is used for increased container strength


Spec sheet


Voltage 12v
Ah (Per Battery) 19.3Ah (C20)
Weight (Per Battery) 6kg
Length (Per Battery) 181.5mm
Width (Per Battery) 77mm
Height (Per Battery) 167mm
Total Height (Per Battery) 167mm
Terminal Type T3