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12V 200 Ah AGM lead-acid battery for multiple applications. Also suitable for use as a starter battery (dual-purpose) for commercial vehicles – from Leoch’s Xtreme series



•Superior starting and cycling performance
•High capacity and high CCA
•2x faster charge acceptance than conventional starter batteries
•3x higher cycle life than conventional starter batteries
•Advanced Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology
•Start and deep cycle


•Marine & Leisure


Range Information

The Xtreme series is an exciting and striking-looking premium AGM collection from Leoch, one of the largest multi-range battery manufacturers in the world. Xtreme is special in that it is dual-purpose – the batteries in this range are particularly excellent for deep cycling, but can also be used as starter batteries. Xtreme batteries are also suitable for use in vehicles that utilise stop-start systems.


Technology Low-Down

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are dry-cell, with the battery acid being encapsulated in fibreglass sheets. In comparison to flooded batteries, AGMs offer increased levels of reliability and versatility – with no free acid, they can be mounted in any orientation and are better able to handle vibration.


Spec Sheet


Voltage 12v
Ah 220Ah (C20)
CCA 1250A (CCA), 1425A (MCA), 4000A (PHCA)
Weight 65kg
Length 520mm
Width 240mm
Height 230mm
Total Height 240mm
Terminal Layout 6
Terminal Type T11/SAE