LC-2258 Smart Battery Charger

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Battery in Brief:

Mraxon LC-2258 is a versatile and intelligent 4A battery charger and maintainer designed for 6V and 12V automotive batteries, offering advanced features such as desulfation, temperature adaptability, and comprehensive protection for efficient and reliable battery charging and maintenance.

Features and Benefits:

  • It is suitable for charging and maintaining 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries and 12V lithium iron phosphate batteries;
  • Suitable for all kinds of motorcycles, automobiles, toy cars, scooters, battery cars, charging and maintenance;
  • Different charging rates can be selected according to the battery capacity. Suitable for lead-acid batteries with a capacity of 3AH-50AH;
  • Support 0V ultra-low battery voltage to start charging, intelligent control pulse, high-voltage mode to activate the vulcanized battery, which can effectively repair and maintain the deeply deprived battery;
  • It adopts MCU microprocessor to control the 5-stage charging mode, charging enough but without overcharging;
  • With overcharge protection function, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, over temperature protection, overload protection, safer to use;
  • The shell adopts IP65 waterproof design, which is better protected and safer to use.

Spec Sheet 

Specifications LC-2258
AC input voltage 90Vac~132Vac/185Vac~264Vac
AC input frequency 47Hz~63Hz
AC input power 75W
Battery voltage (optional) 6V,12V
Battery type(optional) SLA AGM GEL Lithium
Charging power 60W
Charging voltage range 0~15.5Vdc
Charging current 4A
Charging voltage 14.7V/7.35V
Light switching current 0.5A
Float charging voltage 13.65V/6.8V
Efficiency 85%
Overload protection YES
Short circuit protection YES
Reverse polarity protection YES
Operating temperature 0℃~40℃
Dimension(mm) 167*72*40mm