LC-2259 Automatic Battery Charger

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Battery in Brief:

Marxon LC-2259: The ideal charger and maintainer for 12V lead-acid and lithium iron phosphate batteries, suitable for motorcycles, cars, toy cars, kick scooters, and battery cars, with a capacity range of 40AH-150AH, featuring ultra-low voltage start charging, intelligent pulse control, and sulfurized battery reactivation for effective repair and maintenance of deeply depleted batteries.

Features and Benefits:

  • It is suitable for charging and maintenance of 12V lead-acid battery and 12V Lithium iron phosphate battery;
  • Applicable to all kinds of motorcycles, cars, toy cars, Kick scooter, battery cars, charging and maintenance;
  • Suitable for lead-acid batteries with a capacity of 40AH-150AH;
  • Support 0V ultra-low battery voltage start charging, intelligent control pulse, high-voltage mode activation of sulfurized batteries, which can effectively repair and maintain deep depleted batteries;

Spec Sheet 

Specification LC-2259
AC input voltage range 90Vac~264Vac
AC input voltage rating 100~240Vac
AC input frequency 50/60Hz
AC input current 1.5A@120Vac
AC input power 180W
AC input static state current 0.1A
AC input wire EP 2Pin Plug SPT-2 18AWG*2C L=1.8M
Output voltage range 1~15.5Vdc
Output Current 10A@12Vdc/6Vd
Output power 150W
Soft start current WET/AGM 3A@V<10V LiFePo4 1A@V<10V
Bulk charge voltage rating 12V WET 14.8 Vdc AGM 14.55 Vdc LIFE 14.4 Vdc
Battery repair voltage rating 12V 15.5Vdc
Float charge voltage rating 13.3Vdc
Light switching current 1A
Output wire SPT-2 black 14AWG *2C L=1.3M with fast connector
Accessories1 SPT-2 black 14AWG *2C L=0.5M M10 Terminal with circular ring
Accessories2 SPT-2 black 14AWG *2C L=0.5M with clamp (with 20A fuse)
Withstand Voltage (Hi-Pot) 3000Vac ≤10mA (60s)
Insulation Resistance >100MΩ @500Vdc
Temperature Rise <75℃
Safety Standard ETL
EMI/RFI Standard FCC Part 15 B
Energy Standard DOE
IP Standard IP65