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Battery Brief: PLH+C 100

The PLH+C100 is a high-quality battery designed for leisure and marine applications. With a capacity of 100AH and a voltage of 12V, this battery offers reliable and long-lasting power for various purposes. It is built using advanced pure lead carbon technology, which enhances its performance and extends its service life.

Key Features:

  1. Pure Lead Carbon Technology: The PLH+C100 utilizes pure lead carbon technology, combining the benefits of pure lead and carbon additives. This technology improves the battery's capacity, cycle life, and overall performance.

  2. Deep Cycle Design: The battery is specifically designed for deep cycle applications, making it suitable for long-duration use and providing consistent power output.

  3. High Capacity: With a capacity of 100AH, the PLH+C100 offers ample power for a wide range of leisure and marine activities.

  4. Reliable Performance: This battery delivers stable and reliable performance, ensuring consistent power supply and minimizing the risk of power interruptions.

  5. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Construction: The AGM construction of the PLH+C100 enhances its durability and makes it maintenance-free. It also provides excellent resistance to vibration and shock, making it ideal for marine applications.

  6. Versatile Applications: The PLH+C100 is suitable for various applications, including recreational vehicles, marine vessels, solar energy systems, and more.

  7. Long Service Life: The advanced pure lead carbon technology used in this battery extends its service life, offering excellent value for money.

  8. Fast Recharge Capability: The PLH+C100 has a high recharge efficiency, allowing for faster charging times and reducing downtime.

  9. Low Self-Discharge: This battery has a low self-discharge rate, ensuring that it retains its charge for extended periods when not in use.

  10. Trusted Brand: The PLH+C100 is manufactured by LEOCH, a reputable brand known for its high-quality batteries and reliable performance.

Range Info: 


Leoch Pure Lead Carbon batteries, PLH+C series, are Pure Lead Carbon AGM Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries that have been optimized for hybrid telecom energy applications. Engineered using the mixture of Pure Lead and Carbon technologies, they offer the best of both.


Features and Technology

  • Pure Lead technology
  • Shielded design terminal caps reduce risk of short circuits and improves safety
  • Unique anti-explosion one-way vent valve design to minimize water loss and increase safety
  • Thin plates with a special pasting formula ensure long service life
  • PC-ABS case UL94-V0 is used for increased container strength 
  • High partial density and energy density with small footprint
  • Partial State of charge (PSOC) resilient
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40 to 65°c)
  • The combination of pure lead material and punched plate technology gives a lower corrosion rate and longer design life.  Thin carbon plate technology (0.6mm to 1.3mm) allows more plates per cell and a larger chemical reaction area for fast charge and low self-discharge
  • Pure Lead Carbon batteries feature Cast on strap (COS) welding technology for high reliability


• Backup Power
• Grid-connected Energy Storage System
• Demand charge reduction
• Off-grid Energy Storage System
• Time-of-Use bill management


Spec Sheet


Voltage 12v
Ah 120Ah (C100), 100Ah (C10)
Weight 31.2kg
Length 341.5mm
Width 175mm
Height 213mm
Total Height 218mm
Terminal Layout Type 1
Terminal Type M8
Manufacturers Warranty 2 years