LP12-2.9 - General Purpose Battery

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Product Overview


12V 2.9Ah AGM VRLA lead-acid battery, for general-purpose applications. Common uses include alarm & security systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), emergency lighting, telecom systems and more – from Leoch’s LP series


Features (Subtitle)

• 2.9 amps

• Absorbed Glass Mat technology

• Multi-purpose

• Maintenance-free



Range Information

The LP series is a collection of general purpose, AGM VRLA lead-acid batteries manufactured by Leoch, one of the largest multi-range battery manufacturers in the world. This versatile series is suitable for use in many applications, including:

-          UPS

-          Emergency back-up power supply

-          Emergency lighting

-          Auto control systems

-          Railway & aircraft signalling

-          Alarms & security

-          Electronic apparatus & equipment

-          Communication power supply

-          DC power supply

Power outputs range from 1.2Ah to 70Ah so there is sure to be a battery to suit every size and specification.


Technology Low-Down

The LP series features a range of batteries which utilise AGM technology, with the electrolyte inside the battery absorbed in a specially designed fiberglass material. This means that all the batteries in this range are entirely maintenance-free and can be mounted in any orientation without the risk of leakage. The absorbed electrolyte also means AGM batteries are more resistant to vibrations, impacts and sudden temperature fluctuations than their traditional lead-acid counterparts.


Spec Sheet

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Additional Information

Voltage 12v
Ah 2.9Ah (C20)
Weight 1.1kg
Length 79mm
Width 56mm
Height 99mm
Total Height 105mm
Terminal Type T1