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Battery in Brief:

The Leoch EFB-L5 car battery is a 12V, 100Ah EFB start-stop battery designed for various applications including cars with start-stop systems, EV/HEV, and engine start.

Features and Benefits:

  • High capacity and high CCA: The battery has a high capacity and provides high cold cranking amps (CCA), ensuring reliable starting power.
  • Faster Charge Acceptance: It has 2x faster charge acceptance compared to conventional starter batteries, allowing for quicker recharging.
  • Higher Cycle Life: The battery offers 2x higher cycle life than conventional starter batteries, providing increased durability and longevity.
  • Rugged Durability: The battery's strong alloy grids enhance its durability and improve tolerance in extreme temperature conditions.
  • OE Quality Certification: The battery meets OE (Original Equipment) quality certification standards, ensuring its reliability and compatibility with various vehicles.

Technology Low-down

The EFB-L5 battery's advanced enhanced flooded technology and design make it a top choice for vehicles with start-stop systems, EV/HEV applications, and engine start functionality. It offers enhanced charge acceptance, extended cycle life, optimal start-stop functionality, temperature tolerance, and OEM quality assurance, providing users with a reliable and long-lasting power solution.


Range info:

The EFB series is a great quality, Stop-Start collection from Leoch. All batteries in the EFB (European) range are entirely maintenance-free, offering reliability and peace of mind with each and every purchase. This battery series, are Enhanced Flooded Lead-Acid batteries that have been specifically designed for SLI applications offering high power, increased cold cranking performance, very good charging acceptance performance and longer cycle life compared to conventional flooded car batteries.


Spec Sheet 

Leoch EFB-L5