Warranties & Testing

Here at Battery Store we understand batteries, and that sometimes they do not work the way they are intended too. All the batteries that we sell come with a warranty, making Battery Store the safe and convenient choice whether buying for the first time, upgrading or simply replacing your existing battery. 

Please note that should you receive a replacement battery by invoking your warranty, the original product’s remaining warranty period will apply to the new product.

With these few steps you can help to diagnose if your battery will be need tested by our warranty department.

  • Check the voltage – if its lower than 12.6 it can be indicative of low charge.
  • Measure charging times, to know it’s getting sufficient charge.
  • Look at the charger itself, does it appear to be getting hot.
  • Does the battery appear swollen/smell after a charge?

If you have tried the above and still feel you want to contact us regarding booking your battery in for testing, our warranty department will be happy to help you with this. Please call us on 01858 456 668 and do the following:

  • Make a note of your unique warranty reference number which you will need to keep hold of and quote for future reference.
  • If you have a charger, make sure the battery is fully charged before sending. This will speed up the process and allow us to assess your claim more quickly.
  • Carefully package the battery, remembering to include your unique reference number and send to:

Battery Store, Unit 5B, Welland Business Park, Valley Way, Market Harborough, LE16 7PS

  • Wait for us to contact you. We aim to have your battery tested within three working days, however please allow up to a week for us to get back to you as extra time may be needed for testing.