Leoch Lithium


Engineered to the highest quality standards, Leoch’s new range of Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries takes the technologies provided by Battery Store to a whole new level.  Long life, no maintenance, light-weight and fast charging – all the attributes you’d expect from lithium but directly available to you from our Parent Company, removing doubts as to production origins, providing manufacturing integrity and offering the peace of mind of a long warranty included.   

The Leoch LFeLi series of 12V and 24V batteries offers extremely high cyclic characteristics which surpass the performance levels of the majority of lead acid batteries on the market, with an outstanding cycle life of up to 2,000 @100% DOD (depth of discharge) and up to 5,000 @50% DOD (depth of discharge).  The products come in at a surprisingly-affordable price-point given the advanced technology.  

Partial State of Charge resilience is a major advantage – unlike many other batteries, they can be opportunity charged which means you can charge them whenever is convenient for you. The LiFePO4 chemistry within the Leoch Lithium portfolio is one of the safest Lithium technologies on the market, with the risk of thermal runaway (occurrence of overheating) greatly reduced compared with other Lithium chemistries – you can rest assured you’re investing in a great power source which is above all, safe. 

The Leoch Lithium 12 and 24V series are suitable for a multitude of lifestyle uses:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Golf Trolleys & Carts
  • Motorhomes & Caravans
  • Marine Craft including Electric Boats
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Solar & Renewables


The Leoch Lithium range is equally suited to more industrial applications, such as Signalling & Mobile Energy; Cleaning & Maintenance and Materials Handling. Contact us for details on how to set up a Trade Account.


Technical Information

UN 38.3 Accreditation

Leoch Lithium 12 and 24V Lithium batteries boast Section 38.3 accreditation from the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria (UN Transportation Testing).  This means they are safe to be transported by air, sea, rail and road and throughout the battery’s transportation process right through to the end user.   The protocol includes identifying/classifying lithium batteries; testing/qualification requirements; design guidance/conditions and packaging/shipping obligations.   

CE Marking 

Leoch’s 12 and 24V Lithium batteries are CE accredited, signifying that they conform with health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic area.  

Our helpful Battery Store team is ready to advise on further product information, technical data and Leoch Lithium suitability for your requirements. Contact us via phone on 01858 456 668, email on [email protected] or visit us instore.