LT9A-4 - Factory Sealed Motorcycle Battery

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12V 9Ah high-performance factory sealed and activated AGM battery from our excellent Powerstart FS range, ideal for motorcycles, scooters and more. Comes charged and activated straight out of the box, just fit and ride!



• Standard terminal layout (positive on left)

• 100CCA superb starting performance

• Lead Calcium Alloy and Absorbed Glass Mat technology

• Fit and ride

• No spills, no leaks and zero hassle

• Good charging acceptance and vibration-resistant performance

• High-capacity, long cycle life.


Range Information

The FS series is a high-quality collection of motorcycle batteries from Leoch, one of the largest multi-range battery manufacturers in the world.  In total, Leoch offers three motorcycle ranges – HP, MF & FS – that utilise the latest in dry charged, maintenance-free and factory sealed technologies respectively. With Leoch producing in excess of 5,000,000 motorcycle batteries a year for some of the world’s leading manufacturers, you can be sure it is a name to be trusted.  


Technology Low-Down

All batteries in the FS range of AGM batteries are the most convenient option with the electrolyte sealed and activated during the manufacturing process. This means the battery is fully functional straight out of the box and no action is required before fitting.


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