GEL-33-MOB - Two 12V 33AH Batteries For Mobility Scooters

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Product Overview


Two 12V 33Ah deep-cycle GEL batteries specifically designed for use in mobility scooters. Most suitable for weekly/occasional use on light scooters – from Leoch’s Mobility GEL Range

• Capable of up to 900 cycles

• GEL technology

• Deep-cycle, long-life

• Vibration-resistant

• Mountable in any orientation

• Environmentally friendly, no toxic materials

• Sealed and safe, maintenance-free design

• Non-spill, no leakage

• 99.99% pure primary lead (PPL) for faster charging, better performance & a cleaner environment

Range Information

The Mobility GEL series is made up of batteries that are specifically designed for use in mobility scooters. With a range of batteries from 9Ah to 85Ah capacity, you can be confident that we will be able to offer the ideal battery for your scooter, no matter the specification. All batteries in the Mobility GEL series are deep-cycle and able to provide an excellent duration of use on a single charge.

Technology Low-Down

The batteries in the Mobility GEL series utilise some of the highest quality materials and technologies available on the market. Inside a battery of GEL technology, the electrolyte is suspended in a thick silica-type paste that allows electrons to flow between plates. This design brings many advantages such as being entirely maintenance-free, having an exceptionally low rate of self-discharge and being more resistant to accidental abuse or misuse than a traditional flooded battery. Like AGMs, GEL batteries can be mounted in any orientation without the risk of leakage. An important point to note is that due to the sensitivity of the technology, GEL batteries require either close attention to charging settings or their own specialised charger.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review