LC-2702 - 6V/12V Smart Charger (2A, 6A and 12A)

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Product Overview

A versatile smart charger for 6v and 12v batteries, with 2A/6A/12A output.



• Adaptive charging for a wide variety of lead-acid batteries - Flooded, AGM & Gel

• Intelligent multi-stage charging safely brings depleted battery to full charge and maintains the battery in an always-ready state.

• Smart Clamps prevent sparking, short circuiting, reverse polarity, over-charging, over-voltage, over-load and over-heating during the charging process.

• Intelligent display - always know how much voltage is going in to your battery

• State of Charge readout

Additional Information

Voltage Output 12v / 6v
Amperage Output 2A, 6A, 12A
Charge Types SLA, AGM, GEL
Connection Large Croc Clips (fixed)
Weight 1.5kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review