Whether you are away a few hours on the water or embarking on a grand voyage across the seas, you can depend on the support of Battery Store’s excellent range of deep-cycle batteries for marine & canal boat usage.


FFP Flooded Flat Plate

Our Flooded Flat Plate, deep-cycle Monobloc battery, Ideal for use in Marine applications, but also for forklifts, industrial floor cleaners and much more. Requires occasional maintenance to ensure maximum performance – from Leoch’s Powabloc FFP series.


FTP Flooded Tubular Plate

Our Flooded Tubular Plate deep-cycle Monobloc battery, ideal for use in marine and canal boat applications, but also for forklifts, industrial floor cleaners and much more. Also suitable for marine applications & American motorhomes. – from Leoch’s Powabloc FTP series


SFL Sealed For Life

Our SFL range are safer and easier to use than standard Lead Acid batteries. Maintenance free, fit and forget and with minimal self discharge, these batteries come with a 3 year warranty and are ideal for seasonal use.


AGM Monobloc

Our AGM Monobloc batteries are Sealed and Maintenance free for added safety and practicality. Unlike traditional flooded plate batteries, AGM designs do not require any maintenance and are completely sealed during manufacturing, offering greater reliability and added peace of mind with each and every purchase. AGM technology offers a lower rate of self-discharge than traditional lead-acid, can be mounted in any orientation and doesn’t require any maintenance to keep it in good condition – particularly useful for machines that see usage by a variety of people.


Adventurer LAGM

The Adventurer AGM series is an excellent quality, mid-range lead-acid collection from Leoch, one of the largest multi-range battery manufacturers in the world. Specifically designed for leisure applications, the batteries in this range offer great deep cycling ability and utilise 99.99% pure primary lead acid. This Range comes with a 3 year warranty as standard.



The Xtreme series is an exciting and striking-looking premium AGM collection. Xtreme is special in that it is dual-purpose – the batteries in this range are particularly excellent for deep cycling, but can also be used as starter batteries. Xtreme batteries are also suitable for use in vehicles that utilise stop-start systems. This Range comes with a 3 year warranty as standard.


GTP GEL Tubular Plate

The Powabloc GTP series features a range of Gel Tubular lead-acid batteries, designed specifically for traction and cyclic applications. The batteries within this range are Monoblocs, so-called due to their internal construction of 2V ‘blocs’ which are wired in a series. Monoblocs are ideally suited for deep cycling, and the batteries in the GTP series are more resilient to greater depths of discharge than their regular Gel counterparts. This Range comes with a 4 year warranty.


Pure Lead Carbon

From Leoch’s new Pure Lead Carbon series – Pure lead carbon batteries offer top cycle life and depth of discharge while maintaining quick charging abilities and PSOC protection. Utilising thin plate pure lead and carbon technologies, this advanced technology will provide an alternative solution for energy storage market, especially for end users who are looking for high charge acceptance, fast charging and long cycle performanceUp to 16x times the cycle life of a flooded battery, this range offers a 5 year warranty.


RELiON Lithium

The top choice for Lithium batteries, utilising Lithium-ion Phospate technology (LIFEPO4) this is the best battery range we have to offer. Manufactured in the USA to the highest standards, with excellance in every componant and the highest level of detail throughout each stage of production, the RELiON range has up to 30x the cycle life of lead acid equivalents and a massive six year warranty.

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