Supreme AGM Series

Presenting Battery Store’s comprehensive range of golf batteries. Whatever your choice of golf battery technology – AGM, Gel or Lithium – Battery Store complete range of golf batteries can help you step onto the green with confidence.

Golf AGM Series

A standard in Golf Battery technology, the AGM series is suitable for all major golf trolley brands and has reliable performance in all weather conditions. This range is ideal for weekly or occasional golfers.

Supreme AGM Series

The Premium AGM golf battery for superior performance and reliability. With 24 months warranty and 250 rounds of golf achievable.

Golf Elite GEL Series

GEL technology provides a higher level of performance and reliability which exceeds AGM. Up to 300 rounds of Golf achievable, almost double that of the standard AGM. Maintenance free, no leakage and a low rate of self-discharge, this range is ideal for frequent golfers.

Lithium Golf

A premium power battery choice using safe and reliable premium Lithium-ion Phospate technology (LIFEPO4). Up to 70% lighter than its lead acid equivalents and boasting a 36 month warranty, ideal for the more serious golfer.

RELiON Lithium

The top choice for Lithium batteries, utilising Lithium-ion Phospate technology (LIFEPO4) this is the best lithium battery range we have to offer. Manufactured in the USA to the highest standards, with excellance in every componant and the highest level of detail throughout each stage of production, the RELiON range has up to 10x the cycle life of lead acid equivalents and a massive six year warranty. Ideal for frequent golfers and professionals.


At Battery Store we cover the complete range of golf products and to complement the batteries. We offer chargers, connectors, adapators and spare battery bags.

Golf Buggy Batteries

Battery Store supply a range of monobloc batteries which are ideally suited to the demanding requirements of golf carts, both single and two seaters, with internal construction of 6v, 8v or 12v "blocs". We provide both flooded and maintenance free versions. Warranties range for 12 months to 36 months.

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